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Resources to help you tackle multiplication in a multitude of multisensory ways.

Multiplication + Addition Commutative Shapes
Demonstrate and consolidate the commutative concept when adding or multiplying numbers.

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Multiplication Dominoes
Four sets of tables dominoes in one box. Set 1 for tables 2 and 3, Set 2 for tables 4 and 5, Set 3 for tables 6 and 7 and Set 4 for tables 8 and 9.

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A fun way for learning times tables (2 to 9). Includes two giant, tactile eight-sided dice as well as counters, number grids and timer.

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Smart multiplier
Give your students their own times tables reference with this handy Smart Multiplier!

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Times Table Shapes
A box of three games covering the tables 2, 3 and 4; 5, 6 and 7; 8, 9 and 10. Each game consists of 24 colour-coded plastic triangles.

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Times Table Snap
Two games in each pack, Snap and Pairs help students learn their times tables.

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Times Tables Lotto
Multiplication magic! Students play and learn by matching times tables and numbers. Developed on two levels to help your learners progress.

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Wrap Ups Multiplication
Wrap string from the problem on the left to the answer on the right. Turn it over and see if your answers are correct.

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