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Word games kit

This marvellous collection of word games helps you to reinforce spelling, phonics, word-building and vocabulary skills.

Chain game is a word association game - race to say a common phrase using one word from the previous phrase. For 3-10 players.

In Snatch players turn over tiles to see if they can make a word. The game helps with spelling, discovering new vocabulary and speed of thought. If someone else can make a word using some of their tiles and all of one of your words then they can snatch your word from you and use it for themselves (your C-A-T might become their C-A-R-T).

My Word is a fast game where you have to quickly search for four-letter words while single and double letter cards are dealt onto the table. The first player to call out a word using at least three cards wins those cards.

Word games kit comprises three games:

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