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Soft g/Hard g

Another indispensable game to practise all-important spelling skills. These 6 spinner games give your students the opportunity to discriminate, read and spell words with soft g and hard g.

For older learners, the clear typeface and grown-up approach set these games apart from their peer group.

This photograph of Card 3 gives you an idea of what to expect.


Card 1 All hard g initial letter: gun, god, game, gang, goat, gum, grin, glad.
Card 2 All soft g initial letter: gem, gender, gin, giro, giant, gym, gel, germ.
Card 3 Mixed hard and soft initial letters: garden, gentle, grid, grass, giraffe, gymnast, general, German.
Card 4 Mixed hard and soft medial letters: strangle, stranger, angel, angle, magic, magnet, agent, agree.
Card 5 Mixed hard and soft end of words: sponge, charge, edgy, energy, bingo, yoga, rag, rage.
Card 6 Mixed longer words – initial, medial or end: engineer, intelligent, generous, garage, baggage, gorge, engage, England.

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