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Soft c/Hard c

Another essential game to practise all-important spelling skills. These 6 spinner games give your students the opportunity to discriminate, read and spell words with soft c and hard c. For older learners, the clear typeface and grown-up approach set these games apart from their peer group.

Spin the arrow and ask learners to read the words on the card. They should identify whether the sound is hard or soft. They can also identify where the sound comes in the word (beginning, middle or end). The words on the cards are progressively more difficult.

This photograph of Card 3 gives you an idea of what to expect.


Card 1 All hard c initial letter: cat, cold, crib, cost, crisp, cup, cake, clock.
Card 2 All soft c initial letter: cell, city, centre, certain, civil, cellar, certain.
Card 3 Mixed hard and soft initial letters: circus, crime, circle, cracker, cupcake, card, century, citizen.
Card 4 Mixed hard and soft medial letters: recent, recount, concert, concur, decent, decoy, conceal, concrete.
Card 5 Mixed hard and soft end of words: place, price, twice, space, flock, back, luck, pick.
Card 6 Mixed longer words – initial, medial or end: distance, circumstance, innocent, council, circular, vacancy, concentrate, specific.

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