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Magic e

These 6 spinner games help your students to discriminate, read and spell words with magic/modifying e.

Housed in our sleek, silver tins, they're hard to resist. Spin the arrow and ask learners to add an ‘e’ to the end of each word to make a long vowel sound.

This photograph of Card 3 gives you an idea of what to expect.


Card 1 – tape, game, cake, plate, safe, spade, gate and chase.
Card 2 – these, athlete, extreme, eve, delete, severe, theme, complete.
Card 3 – pipe, wine, slide, fire, stripe, drive, life.
Card 4 – code, smoke, hope, rope, broke, stove, nose.
Card 5 – tube, cube, cute, use, tune, prune, flute, rule.
Card 6 – pancake, escape, severe, stone, beside, admire, perfume, include.

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