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Analyse, Review and Comment

Our take on prompts for writing tasks are these 40 high-interest cards. You'll find that Hands On Prompts to Analyse, Review and Comment do just that – help your learners write analytical texts. Essential for encouraging and inspiring your students to write for these specific purposes.

This set consists of 40 fantastic cards. 13 cards have prompts to analyse – these cards encourage your students to think critically and objectively about a topic and to reflect on it. 14 cards have prompts to review – for these tasks learners need to be able to see the big picture and not get bogged down in minor details. They need to use evidence to back up their opinions. 13 cards have prompts to comment. – these require a personal response to a topic that is well-structured, effective and tightly focussed. Students will need to provide evidence to back up their opinions.

More able students will be able to answer the questions freely while the less able can use the questions as a writing frame to scaffold their text and provide their answers in simple sentences. Instructions and teaching tips complete the pack.

You can use Prompts as a stimulus for writing as well as for helping to develop essential speaking and listening and thinking skills.

Here’s an example of what to expect from an Analyse prompt


Here’s an example of what to expect from a Review prompt


Here’s an example of what to expect from a Comment prompt


Printed on card, as a multisensory alternative to book format, the cards are single sided and measure 150mm x 100mm.

The clear typeface is 11 point size. Students say the neat presentation makes Prompts feel ‘grown-up’ compared to more typical SEN materials.

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