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Consonant Clusters

These 56 bright and modern photographic cue cards are bursting with personality for working on initial and final consonant cluster recognition games. We searched long and hard to source stunning photos to engage older learners. The sooner you get them the better.

This list shows the images chosen to represent each cluster:

Initial clusters

bl blackberry br brick
ch church cl cloud
cr crane cr crab
dr drum fl flask
fr frog gl glove
gr grapes pl plug
pr pram sc scorpion
scr screw sh shell
shr shredder sk skeleton
sl slug sm smoke
sn snail sp spoon
spl splat spr spring
squ squirrel st stamp
str strawberry sw sweets
th thumb thr throne
tr tree tw tweezers

Final clusters

ck sock ff cliff
ll bell ss grass
zz fizz ch church
ct viaduct ft lift
lb bulb    

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