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The perfect set of 52 cards to help students learn common antonyms with this treasure of a pelmanism game for 2-6 players. Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning. This game will help your students become familiar with a range of these words, it will boost their semantic knowledge and help increase their vocabulary.

These cards are designed to be used as a pelmanism game – turn all the cards face down. Take turns to pick up 2 cards at a time. Learners give a sentence for each word when they match a correct pair.

Other ways to play: share out the cards so each learner has 3 or 4 cards. Ask one learner to display one of their cards and say that word in a sentence. The person with the opposite word must say their word and give a sentence for that too. To stretch learners further you can split the pack in half (using one of each pair) and ask them to spell the opposite word for themselves.

Sample words in the pack are:

answer question
brave cowardly
dark light
early late
fat thin
rich poor
strength weakness
tall short

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