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A lovingly crafted set of 52 cards for helping students understand the use of analogy. These cards are designed to be used as a circle game, which we think you'll find a godsend for encouraging group cohesion. For 2-13 players. Before you play the game, make sure your students understand that an analogy is a way of comparing things. You could provide examples such as – finger/hand, toe/foot and explain the analogy.

How to play a circle game: deal the cards equally between the players. One person reads their card first. The person with the correct answer completes the statement aloud and takes both cards. For example: player 1 reads his/her card “Desert is to sand as ”, the person with the phrase “ocean is to water” must read their phrase aloud to win the hand. The winner is the person with the most cards once all the cards have been used.

You could extend this activity by asking students to invent analogies of their own.

Sample analogies in this pack are:

Rock is to hard as butter is to soft.
Top is to bottom as above is to below.
Bees are to honey as cows are to milk.
Cheese is to dairy as beef is to meat.
Water is to ice cube as melt is to freeze.
Blue is to sky as white is to clouds.
Sunrise is to dawn as sunset is to dusk.
Numbers are to sums as words are to sentences.

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