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Dolch 2nd 100 Words

A set of 100 magnets for learning the second hundred Dolch words. Having instant recognition of these high-frequency words will help students' reading fluency and speed. Sight recognition is necessary for these words as many of them don’t follow common spelling patterns and cannot be sounded out.

The magnets can be used in many ways - instructions and game suggestions are included. Essential tools for learning sight words. Comes complete with blank magnets for you to customise for your students' particular needs.

This photo of the set in use shows you what to expect. In this example students have been given 3 of the words and to write a sentence to include each one.


In this example 10 magnets have been laid out - students have to use as many of them in one sentence as possible.


You'll find that Hands On Magnets are smaller than magnetic words and letters commonly used with Primary school children. This is specifically so that when they are used on a magnetic board words and sentences appear as text appears in a book or on a screen.

The clear font is 14 point size and each magnet measures 10mm high and range from 9mm to 37mm wide.

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