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Point of View

You'll always find a new and surprising combination for custom-made writing starters with this handy booklet.

Let your students choose a writing format, a topic to write about, and an interesting view to express by selecting a page from each of the three sections in Hands On Flips – Point of view.

Take this example:


Don’t like the type of writing? Flip to:


Changed your mind about the point of view? Switch to:


The combinations are almost endless and your students will enjoy flipping through these pages to custom-make writing tasks that require them to express a point of view.

How to use Flips

Flips can be used with mixed ability classes. A great feature of Flips is that your students can write as much or as little as they are able. For struggling students, we strongly recommend you start with a class discussion and clear teacher direction. More able students will be able to select and complete the writing tasks autonomously. Flips can be used in many ways including whole class, individual and small group writing tasks or for homework.

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