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Remembering Detail

A truly refreshing take on reading comprehension for remembering detail.

These 40 graded comprehension passages come in order of increasing difficulty and cover reading levels Entry Level 1 to Level 1 (reading ages 6-14). Complete with instructions, teaching tips and answer card. Collect the full set to make sure you've got all bases covered.

Extracting specific information from texts requires learners to read texts intensively. There are four main reading strategies:

  • skimming – running eyes over a text quickly to get the gist
  • scanning – hunting through a text for a particular piece of information
  • extensive reading – understanding longer texts overall when reading for pleasure
  • intensive reading – extracting information accurately from shorter texts when reading for detail.

The activities in these cards provide your students with plenty of practice in intensive reading skills to extract detail.

The front of each card contains a title and an introductory sentence – so you can start by asking students to predict what the text may be about. The passage is on page two with questions facing on page 3. This allows your student to scan the passage to answer the questions, rather than needing to flip a card over. The questions are all multiple-choice – the student has to choose the single best answer from the content of the passage.

Here’s an example of what to expect from an Entry Level 1 card (reading age 6.3):


Use the title and introductory sentence to discuss what the text may be about.



Passage on the left. Multiple-choice answers on the right.

Printed on card, as a multisensory alternative to book format, the cards open up to measure 300mm x 100mm.

The clear typeface is 11 point size. Students say the neat presentation makes Comps feel ‘grown-up’ compared to more typical SEN materials.

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