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Basic literacy

At last, cue cards with age-appropriate photos – our Alphabet, Consonant Cluster and Vowel Digraph Packs provide you with cards to develop a variety of games and learning activities to suit your learners. Their use is only limited by your imagination!


Our Vowel digraph trumps games provide your learners with an enviably age-appropriate way to rehearse vowel digraphs.

Sight words

Professionally produced Dolch words, social sight words and number flash cards for older learners. Essential sight words that won’t alienate your learners. Enough said.

Literacy development

This wouldn’t be a multisensory literacy website if we didn’t offer you a range of top quality pelmanism and circle games to develop a dizzying array of literacy and language skills. Take your pick.


We’ve taken the list of words most commonly misspelled across all subject areas (and added a couple of extra words where suggested by you) and turned them into a set of fantastic spelling cue cards. With the word on one side and definition/s on the reverse, these cards are a real gem for literacy support. Feedback from subject teachers is that they’re also invaluable for lesson starters and plenaries. Spot on!

Card games are a perennial favourite, so we've created a series of very grown-up card games for you to teach a variety of essential skills. Sleek, modern and tactile, Hands On Packs come in very durable, shiny silver tins. Easy to store, they have a myriad of practical and pedagogical uses and all come complete with instructions. We think they'll become an essential part of every special needs teacher's toolkit.

Products in the Packs range include:

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Consonant Clusters >>
Vowel digraphs >>
Vowel Digraph Trumps – long a >>
Vowel Digraph Trumps – long e >>
Vowel Digraph Trumps – long i >>
Vowel Digraph Trumps – long o >>
Vowel Digraph Trumps – long u >>
Vowel Digraph Trumps – oi/or/ow >>
Dolch First 100 words >>
Dolch Second 100 words >>
Days, Months, Seasons >>
Social Sight Words >>
Digits and Words >>
Art Spellings >>
Design and Technology Spellings >>
Drama Spellings >>
English Spellings >>
Geography Spellings >>
History Spellings >>
ICT Spellings >>
Library Spellings >>
Maths Spellings >>
Music Spellings >>
PE Spellings >>
PSHE Spellings >>
RE Spellings >>
Science Spellings >>
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Analogy >>
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