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Hands On Flips each contain thousands of possible combinations to get your students' imaginations in motion.

These innovative books are divided into three or four parts enabling your students to select a combination that appeals directly to them. Flips encourage both creative thinking skills and creative writing skills.

Feedback from teachers about Flips has been overwhelmingly positive and we hear that you are using them in very innovative ways! Notable classroom successes have been:

  • Significant improvements in both engagement and written and verbal communication skills of students with expressive language difficulties (notably those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s).

  • Using Photo flips to teach drama to students with ASD – the flip action is great because it provides such a wide choice from one single resource and the photographs provide these learners with a much needed visual stimulus to help focus their work.

  • The variety in Flips is also a huge hit for learners with Specific Learning Difficulties – one school reports that Flips have been instrumental in getting a previous writing refuser to put pen to paper.

How to use Flips

Flips can be used with mixed ability classes. A great feature of Flips is that your students can write as much or as little as they are able. For struggling students, we strongly recommend you start with a class discussion and clear teacher direction.

More able students will be able to select and complete the writing tasks autonomously. Flips can be used in many ways including whole class, individual and small group writing tasks or for homework.

How did you survive before your students were able to create their very own prompts? Imagine their delight at being able to flip through these books to create the ultimate learning task! Probably my favourite new Hands On product.

Products in the Flips range include:

Imaginative Starters


The perfect solution for custom-made writing starters with literally thousands of possible writing combinations to spark imaginative story ideas.


Persuasive Starters


Use the three-sectioned book to devise thousands of possible writing combinations to help your students practise crafting persuasive texts.


Photographic Starters


The ultimate resource for writing starters! Full colour, crisp photography and the all-important personalised learning factor make this one a real winner.


Point of View


Let your students flip through the three sections to create thousands of writing combinations to help students express points of view.

Writing Starters


A handy booklet with thousands of possible writing combinations to help stimulate your students' imaginations.







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