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With Hands On Comps you’ll be able to find something for everyone and tackle a range of comprehension skills. These sets of carefully graded (RA6-15/Entry 1-Level 1), motivational passages are über-practical.

Each box contains 40 inspirational cards with 10 cards at each reading level. Every card has a title and summary sentence on the front. Inside you’ll find the reading passage on the left and multiple choice answers on the right. Aside from their motivational content, for struggling students we’ve been told one of the keys to their success is this layout.

The fact that the passages appear on the left-hand page and the multiple-choice questions are on the right allows your students to scan the texts – this minimises visual memory difficulties. You can be sure that you are helping learners’ practice their reading skills and not their short-term memory.

Housed in the same sleek tins that set Hands On Packs apart from their rivals, Hands On Comps cover a range of reading skills – concentrating on one particular skill per tin. A separate card provides instructions and teaching tips together with a list of the reading ages of each passage and answers.

Teacher and student responses to Comps has been great. We’re pleased you’re pleased! Some key points that consistently crop up are:

  • Teachers love the handy tins – they protect the cards and keep them in order.
  • Your students feel grown-up using Comps – they love the fact that the typeface is small but clear – and is not stereotypically large print as in many SEN resources.

  • Because of the wide variety of up-to-date texts, teachers can easily match the topic with a student’s individual interests – you’re finding this hugely beneficial in engaging learners with learning.

Sound reading comprehension is a must-have skill for students to access the full range of the curriculum. Yet it can often be the hardest thing to teach. Some comprehension passages try to be all things to all people, when often what students really need is instruction and extra practice in specific reading strategies. Hands On Comps offer struggling learners a welcome variety of manageable texts they can self-select.

Products in the Comps range include:

Fact and opinion


Reading comprehension with a twist. With these 40 graded comprehension passages you'll always be able to find a motivational text to help students to distinguish fact from opinion.


Getting the main idea


This 40-passage set of graded comprehension passages will help your students understand the main point of texts.


Predicting outcomes


With 40 graded comprehension passages to choose from, your students will be spoilt for choice when they use these finely produced resources to learn how to predict outcomes.


Remembering detail


These 40 graded comprehension passages come in order of increasing difficulty and cover reading levels Entry Level 1 to Level 1 (reading ages 6-14).

Understanding inference


Help your students master understanding inference with these 40 graded comprehension passages.


Using context clues


40 graded comprehension passages to help develop skills in using context clues. Covers reading levels Entry Level 1 to Level 1 (RA 6-15), complete with answers.





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